Like many of you, we have watched in amazement as Austin has become a big player on the sports scene in the last decade. While the Capital City will always be known as home to the University of Texas, there’s no question countless other teams and sporting events have entered the mix and proudly put their stamp on the Austin sports brand.

With so much sports diversity as well as a background covering the Austin sports scene for years including our own print publication Capital City Sports Report, which we published from 2005-2009, we thought now was the perfect time to jump back in the mix and cover Austin sports from our own unique perspective.

If you’re looking for box scores and high-level sports news, you can find those in a variety of other local sports outlets. At Austin Sports Report, our approach is quite different. We will provide you with exclusive content featuring athletes (past and present), coaches, fans, event organizers, and anyone who offers an interesting take on Austin sports.

Lastly, with today’s technology and the never-ending barrage of information from so many social media platforms, we know you have countless options when it comes to reading and entertainment. Our hope is if you check back with us on a regular basis, you’ll find Austin Sports Report offers a fresh look on the Austin sports scene and one where each time you visit you’ll learn something new about our great city and the variety of sports it has to offer.